The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), recognizing the need for studying about religion, stated in its Position Statement on Teaching Religion (2014), that

“religious literacy is essential for understanding the role of religion in public life, negotiating differences in the public square, and forging public policies that serve the common good… Only through learning about religions and beliefs will young people be adequately prepared for citizenship in a religiously diverse society and world.”

The materials on this page are designed to help teach this challenging and importance topic with confidence.

Religion in the Classroom: Exploring the New C3 Supplement

This interactive presentation explores the legal foundations in the United States for teaching about religion in schools, uses case studies to consider the very real challenges involved in teaching this topic, and provides both guidelines and compelling digital options for incorporating the study of religion into your classroom. Teachers of students at every level—elementary, middle and high school—will benefit from this session.

In the Google slide deck to your left, click on the “Settings” button to open speaker notes. Below you will find the accompanying documents.

Accompanying Resources:
PDF: The C3 Supplement
PDF: U.S. Legal Foundations
PDF: Case Studies

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