History of European Antisemitism

With rising antisemitism across the U.S. and with schools being major sites of antisemitic incidents (ADL 2018 Audit), teachers around the country expressed a desire to gain a deeper historical understanding. This lesson fills a critical gap in building teachers’ and students’ knowledge and understanding of the historical roots of antisemitism and its manifestations today.

In this lesson, we trace the evolution of antisemitism from pre-Christian through modern times and identify the four interacting forms of antisemitism in the context of European history. With an emphasis on primary sources, ICS’s resources align with state standards and are easily implemented in the classroom. Below, you will find the lesson plan, key activities, and glossary.

PDF: Lesson
PDF: Gallery Walk
PDF: Medieval Activity
Additional Resources:
PDF: Antisemitism Glossary
Slide Deck for Classroom Presentation